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As a reader of an article, wouldn’t you expect something more like: “Medical studies have undeniably shown that cancer kills. Physicians Article Rewriter advise and recommend that men over 40 have an annual check up. XYZ pills may provide some relief, but first check with your doctor.”

Also make sure that they are NOT FFA links, Guestbook Links, Link Farms…100% genuine HTML links. NO javascript type links, No hidden links. Link popularity is important because it is a major factor in high Google™ rankings. Link popularity will continue to be an essential factor in top search engine rankings for the foreseeable future. Florida has brought in a lot of changes but what I feel is that there never was a single factor driving rankings in the SERPS and Search Engine Algorithms change with the pace of time to tackle Search Engine Spamming issues and Florida was one of those updates.

7. Content Management: is a website maintenance service that makes your current website editable so you can change the content yourself. They handle everything to get your site set up and provide you with a phone training Online Article Spinner to walk you through your first edits. There is no software to install because it just uses your web browser. At no charge, you can have them review your website to ensure that your site is compatible with their service.

When applying for a position in today’s market, do you ever wonder, “Is my resume really directed to the decision maker?” Are you concerned that your resume never reaches the true “hiring manger” or decision maker? Worse yet, are you being “auto-disqualified” because your resume doesn’t speak to the decision makers needs social bookmarking and never makes it passed his or her screening process? How would you know if your resume did or didn’t reach the appropriate decision maker? You can truly never know for certain. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your resume does not get “auto-disqualified”, or provide obvious reasons not to be hired.

And it should address the “staleness” issue by looking at the way specific pages have been updated. If a page that has ranked high in specific searches has not been updated for a period of time, this will be seen as a reason to downgrade the importance of that page. Other pages with more activity, more up to date information, and more linking activity, all other things being equal, will rank higher.

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